Guidelines of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe on electronic evidence in civil and administrative proceedings

The “Arrested Lawyers Initiative”, established to defend and to be the voice of thousands of lawyers detained by the Erdogan regime, translated the mentioned guidelines, which do foresee important principles for the ByLock trials. The headlines of the principles, that we think will help you, are as followed:

Our Objectives

To be the voice of the victims and defend their rights in all kind of platforms

Conducting scientific studies and research projects in the field of human rights violations.

To engage in dialogue with national and international human rights relevant organisations

Our Topics

What People Say


Teachers, judges, journalists, scientists sacked, jailed, sexually assaulted, and tortured… These are the faces of the greatest human purge of the 21st century…from Erdogan’s Turkey #ErdoganOut

HRF - Human Rights Foundation

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