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Arbitrary mass arrests in Turkey

HRDfactsheet: 2021/1


Since 2014, the Turkish state apparatus is willingly targeting the Gülen movement and its sympathizers. A notorious tool used by the Turkish security agencies authorities and the judiciary are the daily waves of arbitrary arrests and detentions of citizens allegedly having links to the Gülen Movement.

In total, more than 5,000 mass arrests operations have been carried out since 2014 and the number of jailed persons exceeds 123.000. On average, at least 3 mass-arrests operations with up to 70 detentions are executed on a daily base. 

In our factsheet we are showing some numbers, naming the reasons and drawing some recommendations to stop these arrests in Turkey.

To download our factsheet in English please use the following link. 

To download our factsheet in German please use the following link.