Mon. Sep 21st, 2020

Freedom for detained Babies in Turkey

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Thirty years ago today, the “Convention on the Rights of the Child” was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly.

We firmly believe that the family, as a basic unit of society and a natural environment, should be given the necessary protection and assistance as a basic unit of society and a natural environment for the growth and prosperity of all its members, especially children, so that it can fully fulfil its tasks within the community. We also believe that the child must grow up in a family surrounded by happiness, love and understanding for the full and harmonious development of his/her personality.

In a world where there is always violence and cruelty to children and women, it is more important than ever to draw attention to their suffering and to draw the forethought of our society to them.

In today’s Turkey, 864 babies and toddlers and their mothers are innocently imprisoned in prisons. The majority of children are under the age of six. According to the current Turkish law, a pregnant woman or a woman with young children may not be detained during her trial. Despite the current laws of Turkey, women with children are arrested almost daily. 

The conditions of Turkish prisons are often anything but inhumane. Children and babies, some of whom are forced to endure years in these prisons with their mothers, are not even provided with basic necessities such as age-appropriate beds, baby food and diapers.

Since the hygienic conditions in these prisons are often very poor, the babies suffer now from various diseases. Even these sick children are either not treated at all or the medical treatment is provided very late. A prison is the worst possible place to allow children and babies to grow up reasonably. Most of these babies know the world only in the form of the prison walls that surround you.

The fact that suffering even goes so far that pregnant detainees are taken to give birth in handcuffs, and then return to their prison cells with their newborns. There are children and babies who have been locked up with their mothers for three years.  

In Turkey, all critical media facilities have been silenced or closed, and hundreds of journalists are innocently imprisoned. For this reason, no one hears the cries for help from the mothers and their babies. Unfortunately, therefore, no attention is paid to this fact. 

Prisons are not placing for babies and children. They must not grow up behind concrete walls and locked metal doors.

That is why we are calling for the immediate release of the babies and their mothers.

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