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Recent Political Developments in Turkish Politics in the Context of Radicalisation

We as, Human Rights Defenders e.V.(HRD) and Stiftung Dialog und Bildung have submitted an Universal Periodic Review Report on Turkey (January 2020) concerning the Recent Political Developments In Turkish Politics In The Context Of Radicalisation.

Note: This Report was written by Mr.Sammas Salur, PhD, and is also published on OHCHR website under “Joint Submission 17”

In our submission we summarized the political developments during the last 17 years, whereas Turkey has been governed by Adalet ve Kalkınma Partisi (AKP or ‘the
party’ hereafter).  In this report both core and mundane nature of Turkish politics are going to be depicted under recent developments in a context: radicalization.

The Turkish experience of radicalization can be
considered at three levels; consciousness, discourse and action. Regarding the manifest,
high value of religion in Turkish society and the fact that religion is a
fertile ground for radicalization in the AKP period, we can examine the topic
mostly through religious lexicon.

After giving a summary of religious information
we put into our focus the categorical and juvenile anti-west discourse (with
aggressive and abusive discourse) of the Turkish government as well as the
violations of fundamental human rights.

one of the most important examples of ideological radicalization is the efforts
to turn Islamist ideology into the basic teleology of the state. In fact, the
ideological stance of AKP’s founder Erdogan’s first political views and the
political movement from which he came from is known to the public.

other interesting facts and information we summarized eight recommendations on
how the political radicalization in Turkey can be reversed.

For our UPR-Report on Radicalization in Turkey please follow this Link.