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REPORT: Impacts of the Emergency Decrees on Victims and Their Family Members

As part of the UN Human Rights Council Universal Periodic Review of Turkey during the 35. Session in January 2020, Human Rights Defenders, Lilia Platforma Kobiet and the Victim Laborers Platform have submitted a joint stakeholder report with the title “In Turkey: Conviction to Hunger, Civilian Death and its Effects on Family”.

During the State of Emergency and the subsequent process, the law and job security of the victims and their relatives are taken from their hands.  In addition, their occupational licenses were canceled.  Security investigations and interview conditions were introduced at the entrance of public professions.  In the private sector, methods such as harassing and threatening employers have been applied in order not to give employment to the victims.  Foreign bans were brought to victims or their relatives.  With all these practices, people were condemned to civil death and hunger.

In our submission as Stakeholders we explained the elimination of law and job security, the effects of the cancellation of the professional licenses, the coding of social security codes, thus making it impossible to be employed again.

For the report please follow this link.