UN Special Rapporteur calls on Turkey to guarantee a fair process for Judge Murat Arslan

Mr. Diego Garcia-Sayàn called the authorities in Turkey to guarantee a fair appeals process for award-winning senior Judge Murat Arslan, who has been convicted in violation of due process and judicial guarantees.

Special Rapporteur further mentioned the unjust case of Murat Arslan, a former Chair of the Association of Judges and Prosecutors, has been in jail since his arrest on 18 October 2016.

“The conviction of Judge Arslan constitutes a severe and gross attack on the independence of the judiciary in Turkey, and in a democratic state under the rule of law an independent and impartial judiciary is a fundamental guarantee for society as a whole,” said the UN human rights expert.

For the press release of the OHCHR (link).

What is Bylock?

What is Bylock?

Tens of thousands of people in Turkey are arrested on account of having downloaded the “Bylock Secure Communication App”. The Erdogan regime regards the mere fact that one downloaded or used this app as sufficient evidence to incriminate him/her in terrorism charges.

Whether the Bylock App which constitutes the ground for detention of tens of thousands of people including teachers, journalists, artists, lawyers, academics, and even football players a handy pretext for mass arrests or a serious criminal finding is a question worthy of investigatory attention. Read More

UN rights commission: Syria human rights violations continue

UN rights commission: Syria human rights violations continue

Widespread human rights violations continue in war-torn Syria despite a decrease in fighting between warring parties, according to a report released Wednesday by the Independent International Commission of Inquiry on the Syrian Arab Republic, an investigatory branch of the UN Human Rights Council.

The alleged violations, characterized by the report as “unthinkable crimes against civilians,” include “forced displacement, deliberate attacks against civilians, and the use of chemical weapons” such as sarin and weaponized chlorine. Read More

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