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We Remember Halabja!

31 years ago today, we witnessed a heinous crime against Kurds in Halabja, where more than 4000 humans, most of them children, women and elderly people lost their lives.

This massacre is the worst-ever gas attack targeting civilians in the recent history.

We strongly condemn this grotesque crime against humanity and the Kurdish Nation, who suffered throughout history this kind of atrocities perpetrated by States. The International Community, unfortunately to late and with the lack of dignity this crime should have been addressed, tried to bring into justice this crime.

Thus, we have seen that this kind of atrocities can only be stopped, if the most developed States actively prevent the export of equipment’s, elements and substances to rogue Nations, Autocrats and Dictatorships, which can also be used in developing WMD`s (Weapon of Mass Destruciton).

Our hearth and prayers are with the victims of Halabja. We convey our condolences to the relatives of those who lost their lives as well as to the Kurdish people and Iraq.

Human Rights Defenders e.V.